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Drive Quicker Results With a Fractional Sales Leader

Fractional Sales | Sales Advisory | Fahrenheit Advisors

When your company is in transition and you need a proven leader to help with your selling, marketing, and business development efforts, a fractional sales and marketing leader is a great option. A fractional leader can be part time while trying to scale a business, interim while trying to find permanent help, or focused on a specific project that a C-Suite leader needs specialized help.

In this article, I outline the benefits of a fractional leader, demonstrate the impacts a fractional leader can have in a case study, and a questionnaire to help you determine if a fractional leader is right for your organization.



An experienced fractional sales professional can catalyze your company to achieve its goals more quickly, efficiently, and ensure a greater return on investment before investing in a full-time leader. The fractional leader comes with experience, a neutral perspective, and does not have office politics or existing cultural issues that can slow down change. Some immediate benefits include:

  • Immediate access to expertise and skill set
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency
  • Support to build and develop your team
  • Help with change management to drive your business
  • Decreased management time
  • Significant cost savings


the COST SAVINGS of a fractional leader

Depending on the situation, a fractional leader can be utilized for a few months while trying to identify the right candidate or for much longer when a company is seeking to gain immediate expertise but may not have the budget for a permanent full-time employee.

Below is a comparison of full-time hire and a fractional business development (BD) sales leader. This example is based on the 2023 average compensation for a $10 million company in the Richmond, Virginia market with 30-50 full-time employees.

Fractional Impacts | Sales Advisory | Fahrenheit Advisors

In this example, the company saves $190,000 annually by using a fractional resource.



A fractional sales leader brings immediate results and impactful leadership across various functions and can help accelerate your go-to-market strategy, develop and scale your sales process, as well as provide training, coaching, and development to members of your team.

As demonstrated in this case study, whether you need a Chief Revenue Officer, VP of Sales, Business Development, or Marketing, a fractional leader can help.


How do you know if you need a fractional sales leader?  Ask yourself these questions.

When results and leadership are urgently needed, Fahrenheit’s deep bench of experienced sales leaders is ready to help.

Reach out to Fahrenheit today to help build the confidence in growing your business.


Selena Sanderson provides her clients significant strategy, business development, sales process improvement, training, and project management skills. Her specific expertise is working with management teams to grow their business by implementing sales and service standardization, improve their processes by applying best practices, and scaling their business to expand and grow.