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Compensation & Benefits

Ensure pay equity, sharpen competitiveness & retain talent

Have a compensation philosophy? Is it competitive and equitable?
Have a salary structure? Is it up to date?
Trying to determine how to pay employees in different geographic locations?
Have an annual incentive plan? Will it pay out this year?
Current benefits and perks still relevant?
Have the right mix of total compensation?
Have hiring/retention challenges?
Current benefit offerings fit your organizational and employee’s needs?
Human Capital Wheel

Providing the right total compensation package is key to attracting, motivating, and retaining top talent.

With Fahrenheit, you’ll have precise and timely market-based data at your fingertips to develop salary guidelines that draw – and keep – the best talent.

You’ll have confidence, too, that your compensation structure competes beyond salary with competitive benefits, incentives, and other factors important to the workforce.

Compensation is a mix of “art” and “science.” Fahrenheit finds the right balance for clients by understanding and accounting for the distinctive circumstances guiding their operations.

Our team of subject matter experts leverages internal equity and external competitiveness to determine whether total compensation packages are strategic, fair, and competitive – and closely collaborate with clients to make any needed adjustments.

The Fahrenheit Methodology

Your business is unique and total compensation is much more than numbers. Fahrenheit:

  • Understands your mission, vision, and culture
  • Assesses pay, benefits, and retention/attrition data to understand trends and gain insight
  • Uses tools such as salary surveys, 990s, and proxies to ensure effectiveness

The result: a total compensation strategy aligned with your business objectives that sharpens competitiveness.

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