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CASE STUDY: Fractional Leader Energizes & Focuses Team on New Sales Strategy

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SW Funk Industrial is the leading structural industrial contractor in central Virginia. As they started creating their new five-year strategic plan, it was obvious the goals from the previous plan were not met and they needed to change their sales strategy. The company’s sales team was inexperienced and led by an executive who was not experienced in sales management. The team struggled to keep focused and on task. While they had the tools and data in place, it was determined by the strategic committee that an experienced sales manager was needed. Fahrenheit Advisors has engaged to provide a Fractional Sales Manager to help them develop and implement a new sales strategy.


Will Hall, a Fractional Sales Manager with a proven track record of leadership success, was deployed from Fahrenheit to help SW Funk Industrial achieve the newly established goals.

Will began by conducting a thorough assessment of SW Funk Industrial’s sales process and team. He identified several areas where improvement was needed, including goals and processes.


  • Established measurable goals and metrics and tracked the team’s progress.
  • Improved internal communications, sharing both the sales team’s progress and the improved sales culture throughout the company.
  • Developed new marketing materials to communicate with prospective clients effectively and confidently.
  • In 2023, SW Funk realized its strongest annual sales and profits in recent years and is expecting another year of growth in 2024

Client Testimonial

“Will has helped us stay focused on a very important part of our business that the construction industry often overlooks. He has helped us develop our marketing materials, which gives our sales team the confidence to communicate with our prospective clients, and he has developed goals and metrics that allow us to focus more on the results than the activity. Most importantly, Will has built the beginnings of a better sales culture that will improve over time.”

-Randy Funk, President at SW Funk Industrial Contractors





Featured consultant will hall

Will is a results-driven executive with 20+ years of progressive leadership experience in Business Development, Sales/Marketing, and Consulting. Throughout his tenure, he has focused on growth initiatives followed by tactical execution in early to mid-stage manufacturing companies.  Will’s background includes managing categories with Big Box retailers, building international markets, launching new products and new brands as well as building sales processes and commercial teams. As a Managing Director at Fahrenheit, Will leads sales transformation and market strategy growth initiatives for leading clients.  He comes to Fahrenheit with a broad range of expertise in B2B and B2C Strategy, Business Development, Go-to-market Strategy & Execution, and more. Connect with Will on LinkedIn.