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Talent Attraction Strategies & HR Challenges Shared at SHRM Conference

SHRM Survey | Human Capital | Fahrenheit Advisors

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conferences provide opportunities for human capital professionals to connect with their colleagues and obtain new learnings to grow their people and ultimately their organizations. Fahrenheit Advisors was an exhibitor at the Richmond, Virginia chapter’s annual leadership conference in October, where we asked attendees to share their talent attraction strategies and toughest HR challenges in 2022. What follows is a summary of the two questions we asked in our survey which might be informational for any HR professional.

When asked for talent attraction strategies, we received the following unique responses from survey respondents.

talent attraction strategies

  1. Utilize a recruiter
  2. Use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)
  3. Advertising, specifically LinkedIn Recruiter
  4. Offer a good benefits package
  5. Allow flexible work arrangements
  6. Posting jobs on LinkedIn
  7. Job posting on Indeed
  8. Conduct recruitment testing to match skill sets
  9. Participate in job fairs
  10. Build multiple personas to create customized recruitment campaigns
  11. Post in the company’s internal newsletter
  12. Leverage college relationships

SHRM Survey | Human Capital | Fahrenheit Advisors

The second survey question asked attendees for their toughest HR-related challenge in 2022.

Toughest hr challenges of 2022

  1. Sourcing qualified and diverse candidates
  2. Retention
  3. Budget cuts
  4. Lack of willingness to relocate
  5. Getting offers out quickly to compete with other offers in this employee market
  6. HR processes
  7. Performance management
  8. Leadership development
  9. Career pathing
  10. Compliance


Non surprisingly, recruitment and retention topped employers’ list of struggles this year. We have written the following articles to address a few of these challenges:

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