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Are You the Strategic Thinker You Want To Be?

As more organizations emphasize the importance of strategic thinking among all of their leaders, the desire to develop this skill is voiced with increasing frequency by individuals seeking coaching. One helpful article I recently read focused on the topic. How To Master Strategic Thinking Skills In 5 Simple Steps provides a simple and quick way for coaches to think about their own strategic thinking competency, to consider if they are presently more of a strategic thinker or conventional thinker, and to reflect on ways that they might stretch to become more strategic.

Though there are literally hundreds of books written about strategic thinking, this article provides a helpful summary to kick off a conversation on the topic, and could even function as a spring board to an understanding of the necessary action steps required to develop the skill. By identifying where you fall short, you can make cognitive behavior changes to become more strategic.

Is strategic thinking a gap in your organization, or would you like a partner as your push your skills in this area? What has helped you along your journey to becoming a leader with recognized strategic thinking skills? I’d love to talk with you about your experience. Reach out anytime.

About the Author

Frank Cummins, Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach with Fahrenheit Advisors – West, brings the wisdom of over 25 years of leadership and executive-level responsibilities to the coaching arena with much of that time dedicated to developing leaders and their teams to function more efficiently in complex organizations. Frank’s mission in coaching is to help executives achieve positive, sustainable and measurable behavioral changes. His extensive experience in leadership roles, along with his interpersonal skills and systems-level thinking, work in harmony to bring out the best in leaders, their teams and organizations.