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Frank Cummins

Director/Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

Frank brings the wisdom of over 25 years of leadership and executive-level responsibilities to the coaching arena with much of that time dedicated to developing leaders and their teams to function more efficiently in complex organizations. Frank’s mission in coaching is to help executives achieve positive, sustainable and measurable behavioral changes. His extensive experience in leadership roles, along with his interpersonal skills and systems-level thinking, work in harmony to bring out the best in leaders, their teams and organizations.


Frank brings significant corporate coaching and facilitation experience to his work:

  • Coached leaders at all levels on how to increase their executive presence and presentation effectiveness.
  • Coached senior level executives – CEO, VP and senior management/director levels.
  • Coached succession candidates on making the transition into higher levels of management.
  • Coached leaders in dealing with difficult personalities.

Led learning and organizational development functions at multiple complex organizations

Representative Client Engagements: 

  • Coached CEO in large complex healthcare organization to achieve an accelerated and effective transition into a new CEO role.
  • Worked with high potential director level employee in an international financial services firm to increase effectiveness in delegation, planning, accountability and executive presence.
  • Coached CIO located in the Middle East in developing effective staffing strategies in an international multi-cultural environment.

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