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Who is Fahrenheit Finance?

Fahrenheit Finance is a consulting firm that delivers practical solutions, as well as,  recruiting and staffing services to emerging small businesses, middle market and Fortune 500 companies. One of the most successful service lines of the firm is its fractional financial management division.

“When we say fractional, we mean less than full-time or project-based,” partner Rich Reinecke said. Some companies just don’t have enough transactions or the funding that they need a full-time person. That is where we step in.”

Often these organizations are smaller and not yet ready to hire a CFO and other full-time employees at various levels, such as bookkeeping or accounting. Fahrenheit Finance offers growth businesses an opportunity to have superior talent at the CFO level while leveraging other resources at the appropriate skill level and rate, making the combined services affordable.   This approach provides a company the full strength of an accounting and finance department, but on a less than full time basis for each part.  It also gives the CEO better information and an opportunity to make better decisions.  “As the strategic CFO, you’re looking out the front windshield instead of the rearview mirror.  You change the focus to looking down the road and forecasting the where the business is headed versus just the traditional historical view,” partner Keith Middleton explained.

One client commented, “by hiring a fractional CFO, Rainbow Station is getting the highest caliber expert–with the firm’s multi-levels of financial advisors behind him–for a price that our mid-size company can afford. It is this type of innovation that will drive our success through the new economy.“ Gail Johnson, CEO Rainbow Station.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Fahrenheit Finance has been helping companies since 2010. Although the firm is fairly new, the staff is exceptionally experienced. Each employee has extensive backgrounds in corporate management and consulting. By utilizing a staff with a variety of educational and professional skills, Fahrenheit Finance is able to assist their clients at a lower cost while still providing consistent, high-quality service.

“We make sure we get the right resources and the right cost structure that fits a given company,” Reinecke said. “We want clients to have the highest level of experienced resources at an affordable rate. That’s why we created the firm.  This methodology is true across each practice within the firm.

Fahrenheit’s clientele comprises a diverse range of businesses. Some organizations reach out to the firm to achieve long-term goals, while others seek more immediate assistance. Some of its clients are emerging businesses, while others are more developed, including Fortune 500 companies.

“The industry type doesn’t really matter, and the size of the company doesn’t really matter,” Middleton said. “It’s what they need at their level that counts. The ideal company is one that doesn’t want to be stagnant, but one that wants to move forward.”

Want to learn more?  Contact us: Email Rich, Keith or anyone else on the Fahrenheit Finance team.