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Human Capital Expert Spotlight: Tiffany Fortune

Tiffany Fortune Spotlight Photo

Human capital expert Tiffany Fortune knows that business success hinges on talent and organizational management and that a seasoned HR executive can make all the difference. As a fractional HR consultant with more than 20 years of leadership and executive experience, she helps clients align HR initiatives with strategic business objectives so that people and organizations flourish.

“I provide tailored, strategic solutions that address my client’s specific HR needs. Whether designing comprehensive HR policies and procedures, implementing technology and performance management systems, or developing employee engagement programs, I work closely with clients to deliver customized solutions that drive results.”

Well-versed in local, state, and federal employment laws, Fortune, who is based in Richmond, Virginia, also ensures HR policies and practices comply with regulations, and she guides robust recruiting strategies that attract high-performing talent aligned culturally with an organization’s values.



  • Full HR infrastructure, including policy & procedure development
  • Relationship management and development
  • Manager training & coaching
  • Agile quality management
  • Project & strategy development
  • Global recruitment, talent acquisition & relocation



  • Fusion, Allianz Partners Company
  • Allianz Partners



“My favorite football team is the Las Vegas Raiders. The organization has been known for embracing players who may have faced challenges or setbacks in their careers, giving them a platform for redemption and success. The Raiders’ underdog narrative is a powerful reminder of the potential for triumph against all odds, both on and off the field.”

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