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Sales Pro’s Know ABC…But Do You Know ABR? Always Be Recruiting!

There’s a reason parents advise their children to use the bathroom before going on a road trip. Even if the need isn’t immediate, it will be at some point. We’ve all been faced with the realization that the next exit isn’t for a few miles. We should take the same precautions in our work environments. Whether you are looking for a new career, or in charge of hiring sales professionals, take your parents’ advice and plan ahead. It never hurts to be proactive.

Candidates and corporations share the same desire to make a hiring decision quickly.. However, reckless hiring decisions lead to expensive on-boarding costs and opportunity costs that can move a person or company backwards. Engaging the right talent acquisition resource can make all the difference.

As our economy improves, sales commission checks are rolling in, and your All-Star sales pro seems content. But, life changes quickly. Perhaps it’s the millennial in me advising to keep one eye open…but it doesn’t make them perfidious or disloyal to have an ally on the lookout.

The same logic applies to your Sales and Hiring Managers. Their All-Star Sales pro is a consistent performer, hitting quotas, and making a splash in the industry…and therefore an easy target for your competition. To reduce down time, maintain production consistency in the event of a change, and prevent a rushed hiring decision, have someone keep an eye out for your team. More often than not, our parents introduced our best logic at a young age. Sooner or later, circumstances will change that require a search. Having an ally in the recruiting world with an on-going pulse on your industry may be your saving grace. It’s always better to be cautiously pro-active to reduce the pain later.

At Fahrenheit, in addition to our Talent Acquisition team for C-level and director level positions, we have added our Sales and Business Development practice. Let’s meet now…while you still have time.

Looking to hire the best sales professionals?  Connect with us to learn more about how Fahrenheit can help you source and identify the professionals that will impact your business.