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3 Reasons to Consider Leadership Coaching in Uncertain Times


For business leaders, economic uncertainty increases the job’s difficulty as anxious questions from peers and colleagues proliferate: How bad will it get? How long will it be? What’s going to happen next?

According to Rachel Lutowsky, leader of Fahrenheit Advisors’ executive and leadership coaching practice, calming waters and navigating uncertainty requires leaders to flex in three critical areas.

1. Resiliency

Leaders are the face of an organization, internally and externally. Their success demands honesty and transparency in any economic environment, but uncertain times call for resiliency, too. Leaders that demonstrate resiliency in their communications, strategic decision-making, and advocacy for change strengthen resolve across an organization.

2. Agility

Leaders cannot afford to let downturn anxieties bog them down. Staying agile enough to step back from difficult situations, assess them, and act quickly avoids protracted worry.

“Of course,” Lutowsky notes, “decisions should always be accompanied by clear and transparent communications about rationale and impacts.”

3. Confidence

Uncertainty often produces difficult choices, hard conversations, and apprehensive feelings. Approaching decision-making at all levels with confidence and empathy can lift spirits, strengthen relationships, and increase influence.

Bring in a Coach

These skills are critical to leadership success in challenging times. Coaching prepares executives and managers for any difficult days ahead and it shows them that the organization values their important roles.

“Downturns put organizations and their leaders to the test,” Lutowsky says. “Coaching can help both navigate the challenges successfully.”

Fahrenheit Advisors’ leadership coaches work one-on-one or with teams to maximize leadership effectiveness when it’s needed most. Connect with us and learn more about our leadership coaching capabilities.


About Rachel Lutowsky

Rachel Lutowsky is a member of Fahrenheit’s Leadership Team and is responsible for developing the firm’s leadership coaching practice nationwide. The practice’s talented team of certified coaches and trainers support businesses of all sizes across every industry. Based in Phoenix, Rachel also oversees growth of the firm’s other service lines there, including Business Advisory, Finance & Accounting, Human Capital, Sales Transformation, and Executive Search & Recruiting.