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CASE STUDY: Transforming Leadership to Improve Effectiveness and Fuel Growth

HOPCo Case Study | Human Capital | Fahrenheit Advisors

Fahrenheit Advisors deployed the right mix of leadership coaching and human capital consulting to improve the operations of a growing medical practice.



A privately owned mid-size specialty surgical group needed to address its underperforming Human Resources department. The department was not consistently providing basic services for internal clients, putting at risk the group’s ability to retain top talent. The Chief of Staff sought Fahrenheit Advisors’ expertise to identify issues and develop solutions to ensure the department could effectively support the group’s overall growth and profitability goals.



After completing hands-on assessments and staff interviews, Fahrenheit determined that the department’s dysfunction stemmed from a lack of leadership that affected departmental accountability, productivity, processes, and progress.

To repair HR leadership effectiveness, Fahrenheit focused on coaching to improve performance, leveraging both individual and team-based strategies. Problem resolution coaching was initiated with department leaders to prevent issues from disrupting their effectiveness. New leaders received onboarding and assimilation coaching to ensure successful transition to their roles and improve retention. Leadership development also was accelerated to improve individual leadership abilities, enhance team dynamics, and strengthen change management competencies.

Fahrenheit also implemented several targeted solutions to restore essential HR functions, including developing a new compensation plan to improve retention and recruitment.

HOPCo case study | Human Capital | Fahrenheit Advisors


Fahrenheit’s coaching and Human Capital consulting with the group:

  • Improved HR department functionality to support the group’s growth and profitability, both of which increased exponentially over the engagement — including a successful transition to private equity ownership
  • Transformed HR leaders from disruptive and disliked to effective and respected
  • Increased recruitment success
  • Enhanced executive assimilation and increased the retention of executive new hires
  • Reduced executive turnover
  • Increased overall employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Created a stronger executive leadership team empowered to make decisions versus take orders
  • Established an ongoing coaching culture focused on skill-building in key areas, including enterprise-level and strategic thinking, executive presence, influencing and managing politics, leading change, dealing with conflict, and goal accountability

Learn more about Fahrenheit Advisors’ Human Capital practice, leadership coaching services, and the consulting team on this engagement: Jeff Ertel, Brad Harper, Frank Cummins, and Merryman Putnam.

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