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Protect Your Organization From Internal Investigation Missteps

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Workplace misbehavior, such as discrimination, harassment, theft, and more, can trigger an investigation. Handling it internally, however, can risk costly mistakes.

In-house investigators and counsel always have a stake in the outcome, which increases the chance of investigator bias allegations, communication breakdowns, missed investigative steps, and broken confidentiality.


Protect Your Firm

Our investigations team at Fahrenheit Advisors protects employers and their legal teams by conducting prompt, thorough, and confidential workplace investigations in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Choose Fahrenheit Advisors

The stakes are high. Here are five reasons to choose Fahrenheit Advisors for internal investigations:

1. Unbiased Investigation – Using Fahrenheit’s experienced independent investigators guarantees an impartial and trusted result.

2. Investigative Expertise – We stay current on the state-specific legal requirements and nuances of workplace investigations. Time-tested investigative techniques ensure compliance and provide a clear path forward.

3. Privileged and Confidential Services – Confidentiality is imperative. We safeguard it by respecting attorney-client privilege and following guidance from the National Labor Relations Board and case law.

4. Legal and Regulatory Compliance – Trust that our recommendations will withstand legal and regulatory scrutiny. Our investigators stay current on frequent changes in local employment laws and regulations.

5. Minimal Workplace Disruption – Our top priority is conducting a thorough and confidential investigation, putting your business back on track faster.

If bad workplace behavior compels an investigation at your business, don’t risk missteps that can increase exposure, delay accountability, and damage your brand. Protect your firm with an independent, experienced investigatory team at Fahrenheit Advisors and keep your business moving forward.

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