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Fahrenheit Expert Spotlight: Human Capital Consultant, Katherine Zampolin

Fahrenheit Advisors’ Katherine Zampolin runs toward fitness goals and human capital challenges. With more than 25 years’ experience in leadership development, coaching, corporate culture, and talent management, she brings extraordinary value to your HR team. Let’s get to know her.

Q: Katherine, what do you bring to the table that clients value most?

A: I help executives build, develop, motivate, and retain their teams, and revitalize HR departments in ways that improve efficiency, strengthen culture, and support business growth.

Q: How do you help clients overcome human capital challenges?

A: I am passionate about this work, and it begins with listening to understand challenges and their impact on the organization. I build relationships with my clients so that I am a partner, not just a resource. As partners, we can collaborate to find practical solutions and strategies oriented to the organization’s goals.

Q: As a consultant, how do you define project success?

A: I have to say, “on time, within budget, and to specification,” because these things are certainly important! For me, project success is all about client satisfaction. Is the client happy?  Did we reach the client’s goals and objectives? Did we add value and achieve or exceed expectations? Success is a “yes” to these questions.


“Project success is all about client satisfaction.”


Q: You could practice consulting anywhere. Why Fahrenheit Advisors? 

A: At Fahrenheit I have the privilege and benefit of being part of a collaborative team of experts which, in turn, provides a distinct advantage to our clients. As a team, we have deeper knowledge and “collective wisdom.” We aren’t limited in the problems we can solve, and this results in higher quality solutions.

Q: Why should clients work with Fahrenheit Advisors?

A: Fahrenheit lives by its three key pillars: Competency. Character. Candor. These pillars, combined with our team of experts and “straightforward” style, enable us to provide exceptional results for our clients. The solutions we provide are strategic, practical, and sustainable. Between our seasoned team and multiple lines of service, we are truly a one stop shop in the business consulting world.


“The solutions we provide are strategic, practical, and sustainable.”


Q: What interests do you pursue outside of work?

A: When I’m not working, I am most likely spending time with my family and friends… or running!  I’m an avid runner, and love being outdoors. Traveling to run a marathon or trail ultra is my favorite way to see the country, and we are fortunate to have an amazing running community and trail system locally as well. I get the best of both worlds!

Q: What’s your favorite book?

A: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Having read it once as a college student, and later as an adult, I find it poignant and timeless. It speaks to human potential and endless possibilities, as well as the consequences when we deny human nature. Individuality and innovation are celebrated in this book, and businesses today can certainly relate to “disruptive innovation!”

Katherine Zampolin is one of more than 80 experienced and accomplished consultants at Fahrenheit Advisors ready to help you tackle business challenges, accelerate growth, and move your organization straight forward. Let’s talk about it. Contact us at