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CASE STUDY: Leveraging Culture and Consistency to Empower Growth

Myriad Case Study | Human Capital | Fahrenheit Advisors

Fahrenheit Advisors’ Human Capital team team created conditions for faster growth at an Arizona real estate firm by better defining culture, improving processes, and strengthening workforce development. The following case study summarizes the engagement.


The Situation

Phoenix-based real estate firm Myriad at Home Group feared stalling growth unless it better defined the processes and company culture that empowered its team’s success. Myriad tapped Fahrenheit Advisors to help it articulate a cohesive, consistent environment centered on growth and collaboration capable of meeting the challenges of multiple locations and an expanding team.


Our Approach

First, the Fahrenheit engagement team, led by Managing Director Rachel Lutowsky, defined Myriad’s culture to accommodate both its current state and its future aspirations. A shared understanding of the firm’s culture put existing employees and new hires on the same page about how the firm worked and what it sought to achieve.

Second, Fahrenheit dove deep into strategic goal setting to enable Myriad to plan and manage aggressive growth. The team developed new tools and processes that kept Myriad on track, including regularly measuring progress and celebrating successes.

Finally, Fahrenheit identified opportunities to strengthen Myriad’s workforce. Solutions included: (1) creating consistent onboarding processes to strengthen team cohesion; (2) designing recruitment and retention strategies to ensure right-fit hires; and (3) developing training and development activities using DISC and Driving Forces to fortify the collaborative environment.

Ongoing work with Myriad includes professional development for new-hires and one-on-one coaching with Myriad leadership. These efforts support the firm’s top-down leadership approach, bolster its continuous improvement mindset, and sharpen skills in key focus areas.


  • Defined the firm’s mission, vision, and values to create a strong common identity and improve employees’ sense of belonging and purpose
  • Boosted recruitment success by defining when to hire additional team members and identifying skills needed for the roles
  • Improved hiring and onboarding processes, increasing the satisfaction of new-hires and current employees with the experience
  • Improved leadership confidence and effectiveness
  • Successfully grew the team by 40% year-over-year
  • Enhanced employee engagement, satisfaction, and collaboration
  • Launched a formal quarterly goal review process
  • Created the foundation to empower the firm to increase sales volume 25% year-over-year

Learn more about Fahrenheit Advisors’ Human Capital practice and the featured consultant on this engagement, Rachel Lutowsky. Rachel would love to learn more about your organizational culture, current processes, and your unique business challenges. Email or call her 480-266-6927 for a free assessment.  

Feel free to download this case study as a PDF.