How AI Will Impact Human Resources -
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How AI Will Impact Human Resources

Graphic of How AI Will Impact Human Resources

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and integrate into various aspects of business operations, understanding its implications for HR practices is crucial for every organization.

Recently, Fahrenheit Advisors’ Human Capital experts Laura Bowser and Rich Reinecke and HR legal specialist Faith Alejandro, dove into the multifaceted realm of AI’s implications for HR. The conversation was captured and we share with you below the challenges, opportunities, and legal considerations surrounding the adoption of AI in the workplace.

This discussion covers the importance of proactive planning and including human expertise to effectively navigate the complexities of AI in the workplace giving you the confidence you need to make great business decisions. Here are three excerpts covering three HR-related topics and the full video.


  1. Unlock the Potential of AI in HR Gain valuable insights on how to leverage Artificial Intelligence effectively while ensuring HR compliance.
  2. Future Proofing HR Learn how to leverage AI ethically in your organization.
  3. HR’s 2024 AgendaAnticipate changes in legislation, addressing legal challenges, and leveraging new technology for HR functions.


Watch the full video here


To navigate the complexities of AI in the workplace giving you the confidence you need to make great business decisions, start by contacting Fahrenheit.


in the video

As Fahrenheit’s Human Capital Practice Leader, Laura Bowser addresses the HR strategies and pitfalls of creating a work environment that generates innovation, productivity, and inclusiveness—talking about the real, hard choices that business leaders must make, and how to communicate those decisions to boards, executive teams, and employees. Connect with Laura on LinkedIn.



Faith Alejandro represents companies and local governments in a broad spectrum of management, operation, and planning issues. Throughout her complete legal support, she offers quick and efficient responses to daily HR management issues and diligently dives deep into regulations and case law. In every step, her goal is to craft successful defenses that help you and your business or locality succeed.



Rich Reinecke is co-managing partner and co-founder of Fahrenheit Advisors. A recruiting industry veteran with a unique blend of large corporate experience and a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, Rich plays a key role in developing Fahrenheit’s culture and brand. He also leads key community and client development efforts, the firm’s internal talent acquisition efforts, and the firm’s executive search practice. With more than 20 years of recruiting industry and entrepreneurial experience, Rich’s expertise gives Fahrenheit the ability to leverage relationships to help our team and our clients accomplish their goals. He is a member of Fahrenheit’s Leadership Team. Connect with Rich on LinkedIn.