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Working with Great Clients…like Rainbow Station!

Since we launched Fahrenheit Finance, we have worked with some great clients.  And, we have learned what makes some clients great to work with.  Recently, we were engaged by one of those clients, Rainbow Station,  hiring our firm to become the Fractional CFO for their company. (Check out their recent press release announcing this here)

So, what do we think makes for a great client? 

  1. Our best clients are experts at what they do and recognize that they are asking us to be the expert at what we do for their business. 
  2. The client has a clear direction.  Or, they are committed to defining that direction with us.
  3. They allow us integrate into the fabric of their organization.  Although we are a consulting firm, we become part of the structure of our clients company.
  4. The client understands that this is a collaborative effort to solve problems, create solutions and grow their business.  We do not drop into any engagement with a standard answer.  Every situation we have encountered has been unique.

Our engagement with Rainbow Station has been a great experience and we are proud to be a part of their team.We are looking forward to serving as the financial advisor and advocate to Gail Johnson, Founder and CEO of Rainbow Station and her entire team.We will be working on strategic direction, driving cash flow and profitability initiatives, assisting and adding value to the franchise relationships, and managing the accounting function.

We think Gail put it best “by hiring a fractional CFO, Rainbow Station is getting the highest calibre expert–with the firm's multi-levels of financial advisors behind him–for a price that our mid-size company can afford. It is this type of innovation that will drive our success through the new economy.”