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Six Must-Know Points When Implementing ERP

You want to make any transition within your business as efficient and painless as possible, and that applies to software updates and implementing new processes. We asked our implementation expert Julie Stepp to give us her six keys to implementing an ERP software solution. Here’s what she says to look for:

  1. Software systems are designed utilizing business “Best Practices” for the efficient operation of the business.  Management needs to buy into adjusting existing operational processes in order to gain the most efficiencies from the new system and operation overall.
  2. Every activity occurring throughout a business ultimately impacts the financial statements. For this reason, a team member from the accounting department should be involved in all implementation areas. This individual will ensure the proper internal controls are in place as new processes are defined, as well as the proper accounting treatment.
  3. An individual who knows how the business runs for each implementation area is a required team member to ensure success. The old mindset that IT implements the systems is not true.
  4. Reporting is usually an afterthought, but if the data is not captured in the system, it is not there to use for operational reporting. Take time at the beginning to identify key data items, whether product, customer or project related. As the implementation takes place, address how to capture the data items.
  5. Program modifications to the system should only be made if the item is a “business must-have” and no other solution can be found.
  6. Train your key business owners/project team members on the software system before implementation starts and allow these individuals to make the link of how operations are occurring and how they would happen in the new system. This gives them the knowledge to give the best answers and ask the hard questions when setting up the software.

As always, if you have questions above and beyond what we’ve covered here, you can contact Julie at to help with your unique business needs.