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Register for Nov 8 Event – How successful entrepreneurs find and manage their startup capital

November 8 Work It, Richmond Event – How successful entrepreneurs find and manage their startup capital

Startups of all sizes are faced with a difficult question: How do you raise money from angel investors and venture capitalists?

Once they figure that part out, too many startups fail to consider a second, equally important one: What should you do with the money once you get it?

Our panel of local entrepreneurs has been through the process and will walk you through the decisions they made, both when raising money and when deciding how to spend it.

You can purchase tickets here.

Michael Bor is a co-founder of CarLotz. His first car was a 1986 Nissan Stanza Wagon. He was previously an investment banker with Harris Williams & Co., specializing in automotive and transportation sectors. CarLotz has raised money multiple times since it launched last year, opened a second location this summer and currently employs 18 Richmonders. The company plans to open a store in the Hampton Roads area by the end of the year.

Keith Middleton is a founding partner of Fahrenheit Finance. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he did corporate finance and accounting work for Performance Food Group, Perdue Farms and Arthur Andersen. Keith brings two types of perspective. He’s a successful entrepreneur in his own right but also works daily with other young companies going through the fundraising process.


We’ll have all the good times, good food and good drinks you expect at a Work It, Richmond event. The networking starts at 4 p.m., with the panel getting under way just after 4:30. Our host will be Snagajob, another local company that knows a thing or two about raising and managing money.