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Keep Moving Ahead with Fahrenheit

The recession has given way to a more optimistic outlook in some industries, especially those that play key roles in the recovery process. Finance and technology are two sectors that have seen resurgences, with each having a marked improvement in hiring over this time last year.

Here at Fahrenheit, we’ve seen more of a demand for services around these industries as companies look for the most effective places to spend money to bring their businesses back up to speed.

A strong financial plan is, of course, essential to making a financial turn-around. Tapping into existing networks of successful professionals makes consulting one of the more effective ways to get back on track.

“In the consulting space, as management continues to look for ways to be more efficient, we are helping a lot of companies improve, streamline and automate processes, implement best practices and re-look at their entire finance and accounting organization structure,” says Keith Middleton, Fahrenheit Finance’s consulting partner.

Tracey Lowery, Senior Recruiting Manager for Fahrenheit Finance has seen more passive job seekers re-entering the job market.

“I am getting many more calls from employed candidates about opportunities as the market continues to hire staff to senior level executives,” says Lowery. “We are developing a lot of great relationships and we are happy to report that we continue to partner with strong companies in the Greater Richmond area asking us to help them attract top talent for robust opportunities.”

While the economy was at a stand still, technology kept moving. Many companies are discovering that they have a lot of catching up to do as they re-establish solid financial footing. The technology sector has experienced a resurgence as a result of pent-up demand for Information Technology solutions that drive business efficiency, while focusing on R.O.I.

“Our Emerging Media and IT Consulting Groups have experienced significant growth over the past two quarters and we anticipate that this trend will continue through 2011 “, says Jason Tate, Partner at Fahrenheit Technology.

All agree that the demand for both Financial and IT services will continue to increase as the revitalization of other business sectors builds on the success of these industries.