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“I Quit”….Really???

Have you heard the words “I Quit” lately?

The work force is listening more intently as the sound of opportunity has begun knocking softly.  As employees are becoming increasingly confident that the recession is nearing an end, hiring opportunities are beginning to entice many to let go of the jobs they were holding onto so dearly and venture out in their fields to see what else may be available.

Recent reports indicate that an increasing number of employees have been turning in their resignations and experts say that number could grow in the coming months.  Many people were simply biding their time at jobs that offered them security during unsettling economic times.   The recession resulted in many lost jobs, as we all know, but it also resulted in people remaining in positions that they were not a 100% satisfied with.  The risk of leaving those positions posed the threat of unemployment.  Nothing was guaranteed and people stopped reaching out to their networks in search of advancement in their fields.  Times, they are a changin’….

24In a poll conducted by human-resources consultant Right Management at the end of 2009, 60% of workers said they intended to leave their jobs when the market got better. “The research is fairly alarming,” says Michael Haid, senior vice president of global solutions for Right Management. “The churn for companies could be very costly.”

To re-engage employees, we recommend that companies put forth efforts now before the costly effects of recruiting new talent becomes a necessity.   Whether you hold group meetings or facilitate one-on-one discussions with employees, give them a chance to air grievances, express concerns and offer a platform for employee suggestions.  This type of interaction will allow employers the rare chance to discover ways to improve employer-employee relations and provide employees a sense of ownership and importance within your organization.  The goal is to catch people before they are on their way out.  Employees are far less likely to turn in those pink slips if they feel they have a voice within your company.

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