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Finding the resources and talent to manage your company’s risks…

How could anyone have anticipated the last year and the series of catastrophes, ranging from the housing crash to the liquidity crisis? It comes as no surprise that 96% of senior executives said in a recent Ernst & Young survey that their companies’ risk-management processes leave room for improvement.

The economic downturn tested every company’s risk-management capability. The financial crisis uncovered many shortcomings in current risk management practices and clearly exposed companies that took on excessive risk. The lessons we’ve learned can help us create stronger, more integrated, and better-aligned platforms for improving performance with all sorts of business conditions in mind.

Smart executives recognize the need to overhaul their approach to risk management with expanded, integrated programs supported by technology. With the right resources and talent, integrating processes and culture can help size up your company’s risk-management capability, align it with your business strategy, and improve collaboration between business units.

We can help you gain a clear, competitive edge in this tough market by delivering the right expertise and ensuring good employment matches for candidates and clients.