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Fahrenheit Finance Success Story

Small businesses often begin with a dream and here at Fahrenheit Finance we are dedicated to helping turn those dreams into a reality.  There is nothing more fulfilling in our business than to successfully provide a platform to assist small businesses take their company to the next level by providing the right finance and accounting resources when, and only when, they need it.  In recent months we have proudly partnered with Zigmo, a small business based in Glen Allen, Virginia, to provide fractional CFO/controller services to help the company get its back office up and running and assist with budgeting and other finance matters.

Zigmo began a year ago with the idea to provide IT services for individuals, including PC refurbishment and small consumer network repair, including a large-scale distribution field support network for companies nationwide.   The company was created by a handful of professionals that were once a part of Circuit City’s approach to IT services, known as Firedog Service Systems.   Zigmo has transformed from the ashes of the corporate downfall of Circuit City.  As Circuit City faded from the market place, the demand for  IT solutions grew.  Zigmo evolved from that demand.


As Zigmo grew so did their need for financial expertise.  Like many small businesses, Zigmo found themselves with the question of how to most effectively handle their accounting and financial needs.  They discovered solutions through their partnership with us.  Fahrenheit provided Zigmo with CFO Services and served as the company’s fractional accounting leadership.  Leslie Trotroxell, Creative Specialist of Zigmo, explains, “Fahrenheit helped us find a part-time controller.  They pursued and secured great talent for us.”  Fahrenheit has provided strategic management for all of Zigmo’s accounting and finance functions, according to Trotroxell.

David Czerwonka, CEO and one of the founders of Zigmo explains that “Zigmo has had tremendous success using Fahrenheit Finance’s approach to helping small business.  Fahrenheit Finance understands the limited resources a start up company has and provided us the finance and accounting resources we needed on a fractional basis.  In addition, Rich and Keith helped us increase our network tremendously.”  Czerwonka concluded that “it’s karma, our partnership with the Fahrenheit team has been a success story and through that partnership many referrals and networking opportunities have arisen and I’m certain they will continue to emerge as Zigmo and Fahrenheit maintain a healthy business relationship.”

We hope to continue to see Zigmo grow and we are proud to have played an integral part in their business transformation thus far.  As an early stage company, Zigmo like many of our clients, has used our services in a fractional controller/CFO scenario.   To obtain the right resources like Zigmo, please contact us at 1-800-219-6161 or shoot us an email.