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Bridging the Employee Engagement Gap

Doing more with less. It’s the motto not only for our personal life these days, but it seems for businesses as well.

The economic recession put many companies in the position of having to ask both top management and employees to pick up the slack and share extra responsibilities to keep the company on track.

Unfortunately, an extended period of instability can have an adverse effect on productivity, progress and satisfaction within the organization.

Employees who have a strong sense of value at their job are more engaged, innovative and motivated to go the extra mile. But when budgets are tight and time is stretched thin, how can companies bridge the employee engagement gap?

Have a Vested Interest in Staff Well-Being

Get to know the people your business depends on to keep it moving. Take time to talk with team members not only about projects ongoing, but also career goals and needs as they continue taking on more responsibility.

Support work/life balance needs such as flexible schedules or telecommuting opportunities that show you are aware of the need to juggle work and personal demands.

Support Risk-Taking and Celebrate Success (and Failure)

Allowing employees to take ownership of their work is a great way to boost engagement. It allows team members to be innovative and straightforward with their ideas, knowing they have the encouragement and support of upper management.

Take time to celebrate the success of a team’s individual or group performance. Knowing their work matters and leaders see value in their contributions helps keep employees engaged with the success of the company. Similarly, treat failures has a learning experience to help build employee trust and commitment to getting it right next time.

Offer Opportunities to Advance Their Skill Set

If you’re gaining progress by asking employees to take on more responsibility, allow employees to gain extra knowledge about the work they are doing.

Most professionals appreciate the opportunity to continue learning and take on new challenges. Through programs such as online training, mentoring and tuition reimbursement, employees will be able to see the added responsibility as a chance to advance their career.

Keep Employees in the Loop:

When asked to take on a heavier load, employees want to know that what they’re doing is valued and helping the company move forward. Be sure to communicate new business developments and any personal role an employee had in those developments.

For CFO’s and other top management, this means that in especially rough economic times, it is crucial to update employees on the status of the financial performance of the company. Be honest, candid and as transparent as possible.

Encouraging questions and discussion will not only help employees feel more connected to the well being of the organization, but can also generate unique ideas for topics being discussed.

When In Doubt, Hire Out

The pressure of adding extra responsibilities to employees’ workloads doesn’t have to be a burden for top management. During good and rough economic times, reaching out to a consulting firm for help with transitioning workflow or managing projects is a great way to bridge the employee engagement gap.

By taking the worry of finding right fit for your company off of you, Fahrenheit Finance gives you the opportunity to focus on engaging your current employees for increased productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Many of our clients approached Fahrenheit Finance at times of instability and transition. By focusing on high quality, value added solutions, we provide an array of solutions for consulting, project support, outsourcing, as well a temporary or permanent staffing.

To take advantage of all Fahrenheit Finance has to offer, contact Rich Reinecke or Keith Middleton at (804) 955-4440