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CASE STUDY: SingleComm Engages Fahrenheit for Controller Search

SingleComm is a contact center technologies solution provider. Utilizing the latest development tools, their team creates intuitive solutions to better enhance the inbound and outbound multichannel customer engagement initiatives for their customers.

Talent Acquisition

When SingleComm found themselves in need of a Controller, they turned to Fahrenheit to conduct the search engagement. “I’ve had trouble hiring higher-level folks and so I thought to call Fahrenheit Advisors because I knew they would lead us in the right direction,” said Puccinelli. “The person we needed was a junior CFO-level and we were looking for someone that could grow into that role. Fahrenheit absolutely nailed it,” said Puccinelli.

“There is no question that Fahrenheit does a phenomenally good job. I can tell you from my perspective on this search, from the time Fahrenheit was engaged through the fulfillment of the role, it was exceptional all the way,” said Puccinelli. “If we had another need arise, I would have no question, they would be the first people I would call, and I would tell anyone who had a financial or analytical need to go to Fahrenheit and they will absolutely find the right person for you,” Mike Puccinelli.