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Keith Middleton

Co-Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Keith is a co-managing partner and co-founder of The Fahrenheit Group and a seasoned corporate finance executive. Keith oversees the delivery of the firm’s consulting and fractional financial management services, as well as its risk management and operations. Keith is the delivery lead for several clients where he leverages his expertise in people, processes, and systems.  In addition to making a significant impact on our clients, Keith’s proven expertise in organizational strategy and a newfound love of entrepreneurism has helped grow Fahrenheit to include Fahrenheit Finance, Fahrenheit Advisors, and Fahrenheit HR. He launched the firm in 2010 with partner, Rich Reinecke, where they both use their skills to bring new levels of business practices to local and national clients.

Prior to launching The Fahrenheit Group, Keith was the CFO for Performance Foodservice, the $6 billion independent restaurant foodservice division of Performance Food Group. Previously, he was the Senior Vice President, Controller of Performance Food Group, a Fortune 500 foodservice distributor. Keith’s successes include building out the first corporate team, implementing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act across four divisions and 45 locations, implementing a shared services center and SAP financials, and assistance in several business acquisitions and divestures, including the sale of PFG.   Supervising over 200 accounting and finance associates for many years, Keith became proficient in learning what processes, structures, and systems work best. Keith leverages this experience at Fahrenheit and its clients – offering skilled, trained consultants to help improve and transform clients’ business practices.

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