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  • CASE STUDY: Strategic Planning Sets Real Estate Developer’s Course

    CASE STUDY: Strategic Planning Sets Real Estate Developer’s Course A commercial real estate development firm needed to maximize its growth opportunities following a corporate transition. The update launched the firm as a new real estate development entity leveraging long-held assets and decades of expertise. In addition, the post-COVID environment demanded the firm change course to adapt to dynamic market conditions. The firm sought Fahrenheit’s strategic planning expertise to chart…Read More
  • Business Advisory Services at Fahrenheit Advisors

    Business Advisory Services at Fahrenheit Advisors Don’t face strategic business challenges alone. Partner with business advisory experts who have been in your shoes and overcome the problems keeping you up at night. Whether revisiting strategy, improving processes, or executing complex transactions, collaborate with Fahrenheit and confidently take your business straight forward. Connect with us for: STRATEGY CONSULTING & IMPLEMENTATION Define, plan, and lead initiatives that…Read More
  • 5 Steps to Turn Business Disruption Success Into Competitive Advantage

    5 Steps to Turn Business Disruption Success Into Competitive Advantage When 9 in 10 startups fail, how do you become a unicorn instead of going the way of the dodo? In other words, how do you succeed as a disruptor like Uber and not end up a business school case study like Blockbuster? The real trick to succeeding as a disruptor is having a crystal-clear understanding of your competitive advantage.…Read More
  • Company Value Proposition – It’s Not About You

     Just about every company has a value proposition, and most believe it’s compelling. Unfortunately, some companies discover that while the value prop makes perfect sense to those within the organization, it doesn’t seem to resonate with the market.  I find that many value propositions are inwardly focused, and that’s a problem. They tend to answer: What are we best…Read More
  • Get SMART When It Comes to Setting Strategic Goals

    Strategic planning is key to ensuring every company’s long-term viability, and goal setting is an indispensable step toward fulfilling those plans. Unfortunately, businesses often don’t accomplish their overall strategic plans because they’re unable to fully reach the various goals necessary to get there. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, trace your goals back to their origin. Those that are…Read More
  • Real Estate: A Great Option for Long-term Growth and Strategic Investment

    I am often asked by many of our business owners where else they should invest to ensure they will have enough money to live off of in the future. All have successful businesses that are the bulk of their net worth and are looking for ways to diversify their assets. A lot of people think of real estate as not growth-oriented…Read More