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Back in the fall of 2009, two of our would be founders sat down over coffee to talk about the future. The decaying model of  the traditional consulting firm was ripe for  reinvention and they both knew it. Frankly,  the practice of simply cultivating leads and  moving bodies left far too many clients  woefully under served. It was a model  designed to enrich the middleman and  ignore the more dynamic global needs of  the client.

Over weeks, the conversations evolved and the opportunities and possibilities became clear.  What if a firm could provide broad solutions, instead of just filling a gap? What if, in addition to building teams, a firm could help build the system infrastructure or assess controls, as well as provide experienced fractional C-suite executives?  What if a firm could help guide strategy and provide expertise without the burden of expanded payroll? In short, what if a firm stopped moving bodies and started moving companies forward?




It began with a conversation and has quickly grown into a dynamic management consulting firm

Out of these conversations Fahrenheit  created a consulting and  professional services firm that helps growth-oriented organizations overcome their most  challenging hurdles to success.  The founders knew it would require a focus on talent. Serving such a vast array of client needs was going to require real horse-power and a roster of high-caliber resources. And so it went.   What began as a simple conversation grew into a powerhouse of a firm called Fahrenheit Advisors.



We leverage the extensive  knowledge of our team to understand our  clients’ true needs and implement practical  solutions serving clients across all industries  focusing on emerging growth and middle-  market companies including closely held,  family-owned, private equity, non-profit and  government. In 2017, Fahrenheit launched our eighth venture, Fahrenheit Capital  Partners, a niche sell-side investment  banking firm serving the middle-market.

What our Clients Say

“Jeff [Wraley], with his finance background, fit the bill very well, I think, because he was able to very quickly adapt to what’s a relatively simple company, but, like many small, understaffed, fast growing companies, we were constantly catching-up. The Fahrenheit helped with the resources I needed to value the business.”

–David Aschheim, CEO and local franchise owner

– Sola Salons Studios

Founding Partners

  • Keith Middleton

    A certified public accountant with more than 20 years of corporate finance and public accounting experience with top-tier companies – Performance Food Group, Perdue Farms and Arthur Andersen. Keith leads the firm’s consulting practice and serves as the delivery lead for several clients.

  • Rich Reinecke

    A recruiting industry veteran with a unique blend of large corporate experience and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. Rich works with every level of business, from emerging growth to Fortune 500 companies, and is key in client development and talent acquisition.

  • Karen Booth Adams

    An original founding partner and investor in several successful professional services firms and technology-related ventures. Karen was one of the original founding partners at Fahrenheit Finance until May 2012 and remains an advisor to the firm. Karen is a creative visionary and business strategist, benefiting our firm’s growth and our clients’ best interests.

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