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Brad Harper

Partner - Fahrenheit West

Brad is one of the leading authorities on individual management development and organizational effectiveness through the management of human resources. He has conducted over 1,000 sessions with front line workers, managers, and corporate CEOs over the past 15 years.

Before joining Fahrenheit West, Brad was the Executive Director of the Trigon Executive Assessment Center, a corporate consulting firm. His team of seasoned management consultants and organizational psychologists specialized in developing corporate management strategies, evaluating management candidates, designing individual employee development programs, resolving corporate culture issues, and providing first-line intervention to create alternatives to firing people. He is highly experienced in delivering programs on the quality of people’s work lives and developed the proprietary Executive Strategic Development Program. This process provides a practical, proven system to bring clarity and focus to your personal and professional life. Personal strategy goes beyond basic planning, goal setting, and personal leadership coaching.

Brad was the founding partner of Arizona’s oldest outplacement firm and is a former college placement director and faculty member. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Arizona and is a Nationally Certified Career Counselor and Certified Psychologist.


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