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Richard Cross

Managing Director. MBA

Richard is using his 40 years of experience as an officer of public companies and as an owner of several privately owned companies to assist young and middle market companies assess their financial results and refine their marketing and growth strategies.  A seasoned, success-driven executive, Richard adds depth to a young, middle market or company in transition.  Having not only guided large Accounts Payable, Payroll, Treasury, and Tax departments, he has assimilated all of those functions with executive management through the ownership of private companies.


As the manager of the commercial credit department and later as commercial lending officer of a large regional bank, Richard has had to assess the financial standing and growth potential of a wide range of businesses.  Using that experience and 14 years as Finance Director and Treasurer of a publicly traded company as it grew from $750 million to $2.2 billion in sales, Richard has spent the past 20 years buying, selling, and structuring a number of buy-outs and start-ups in areas as diverse as manufacturing and healthcare.

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