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Fahrenheit Business & Sales Advisory Expert Spotlight: Brittany Toler

Brittany Toler | Advisory | Fahrenheit Advisors

As the former CEO of a successful consumer products company, Brittany Toler understands the challenges small and middle-market businesses face. Her consultative approach to developing product, go-to-market, and process improvement strategies focuses on listening before recommending. The result is a collaborative, shared solution that simplifies, streamlines, and scales operations.


Working across product development, sales, and marketing departments, Brittany analyzed SKU rationalization on a product portfolio of 5,000 SKUs. Focusing on profitability, innovation, and sales channel opportunities, her analysis led to the developing of a framework for item selection. This enabled teams to measure and scale their efforts. The result was an SKU quantity reduction that alleviated warehouse strains, increased revenue (on fewer items), and increased bottom-line profitability. 

“I love to put my experience to work in developing execution strategies that drive results. When everyone understands the goals, the expectations, who owns them, and the results are shared, it lifts the company’s financial performance as well as the culture of the company in positive ways.”


  • CEO
  • SVP of Product Development and Marketing
  • Online merchant sales strategist
  • Direct-to-consumer strategy and marketing
  • Consumer products development
  • Patented product creation and defense
  • Major national account sales and strategy


  • Children’s Group LLC
  • Evergreen Enterprises LLC
  • Cape Craftsmen
  • Amazon/WayFair/Walmart/


“I have developed a love for the Green Bay Packers – my son somehow picked them as the team the family would root for, and football is his passion. It is so important in our relationships (family, friends, colleagues) that we find ways to connect. Building a love for football, watching games with my son, and seeing the Packers through his eyes helps me remember to do that in all my relationships. 

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