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There will be times when you need a specialist. 

It happens to organizations of all sizes, in all industries.  At some point, you encounter a roadblock that requires the skills of and expert.  Our experienced and professionally trained consultants break down these roadblocks, providing practical and easy-to-implement solutions that specifically match your needs across core human resources specialties.

Specific Services Include:

Compensation Planning and Design
To be competitive in the marketplace for the best talent and to ensure you retain your star players, having a solid compensation plan is essential.  Our experts can provide a full spectrum of compensation services that range from the job analyses and descriptions to compensation structure creation, market pricing, variable pay structures and executive pay.

Benefits Planning and Design
Few things are challenging businesses small and large today more than employee benefits.  Our team will keep you informed of the latest changes in benefits requirements and will help you design the best mix of providers and coverage options for your health and welfare and retirement plans.

Performance Management Planning
Performance management shouldn’t be difficult, but it often is.  We will work with you to develop a powerful, yet simple system to improve organizational performance through good planning, monitoring and rewards processes.

HR Compliance and Affirmative Action Plans
If you fall into the category of a government contractor and have 50 or more employees, you need an affirmative action plan (AAP).  Our team will design and implement a full AAP or will update your existing AAP to bring you into compliance.  We can also help you respond immediately to OFCCP notices and with desk audits.

Executive and Career Coaching
The mind, eyes and ears of a trained, certified coach can be transformative.  Our executive and career transition coaches help clients solve complex business problems; manage staff expectations and morale; guide teams and individuals in transition, and inspire staff to achieve peak performance.

Organizational, Team and Leadership Development
Organizational and leadership health is like our personal health, occasionally something has changed or doesn’t look or feel right and we need the assistance of an expert to diagnose and implement a course of treatment to keep us at peak performance.  Our team of trained and certified development professionals carefully and thoroughly uses the best tools, methods and processes to keep your organization and its leaders fit and healthy.

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“We can’t say enough great things about Fahrenheit. They have been awesome, and we trust them with our business”– Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, physician and co-founder.

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