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We are tactical business partners that can assist with strategic planning and growth challenges.

We are passionate about designing solutions that support the growth of emerging, small and middle market companies. By providing access to experienced accounting and finance talent on an “as needed,” practical and affordable basis, companies can go further faster.

Every Business is Unique

Our firm can create a flexible plan that may include a single strategic CFO, a tactical accounting resource or we can design an entire accounting function for a client.  Every business is unique and our model allows us to create a blended team, at an affordable blended rate, that makes expert financial leadership available to your business.

Our clients range from angel funded start-ups with complex accounting needs and sophisticated investors to family owned businesses with long histories.  We are strategic business partners that help CEO’s and their management teams work through day to day business issues or assist with strategic planning and growth challenges.

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What our Clients Say

“The Fahrenheit Group, from day one, was fully engaged in the process of not only providing the right candidates for the position of CFO in our company, but ensuring the candidates fit the culture. It was a tough decision that took a little more time because of the quality of candidates Fahrenheit put in front of us. Yes, I would recommend Fahrenheit and have already.”

– CFO Search engagement for Harry Hoffon, President/CEO at Eagle Fire Inc.