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Williamsville Wellness , LLC

Built in 1803 and located in historic Williamsville, Williamsville Wellness offers a tranquil sanctuary for the treatment of addictions to alcohol, gambling, and drugs. As a residential center, Williamsville Wellness offers 20 one-on-one sessions with a therapist per patient per week. Focused on the individual, family counseling, nutrition and exercise education, and stress and medication management are also provided. Williamsville Wellness is also recognized as the only licensed gambling treatment facility in Virginia

Fahrenheit + Williamsville Wellness


As a family-owned business, Williamsville, had grown without professional management. Needs included accounting and expense controls, marketing review, strategic planning and financial management. Issues centered around inconsistent patient census and cashflow.


Fahrenheit was engaged to offer our expertise with both a fractional controller and CEO to set up accounting systems and provide management reports. Improvements were made to the websites to focus marketing. Priorities were set to collect aging receivables and attract additional insurance networks.   Results have been steady. Being now in-network with four insurance carriers has increased and stabilized patient loads and the online claims management system has improved cashflow. Emphasis has now shifted to growth strategies and staff development.

What our Clients Said

“The Fahrenheit Group, from day one, was fully engaged in the process of not only providing the right candidates for the position of CFO in our company, but ensuring the candidates fit the culture. It was a tough decision that took a little more time because of the quality of candidates Fahrenheit put in front of us. Yes, I would recommend Fahrenheit and have already.”

– CFO Search engagement for Harry Hoffon, President/CEO at Eagle Fire Inc.
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