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Stone’s Office Equipment Co., Inc,

Founded by S. Frank Stone, Sr. in 1970, Stone’s Office Equipment has managed to continue as an independent, family-owned and operated provider of copiers, printers, and managed solutions, such as Managed Print Services and Document Managed Services. With offices in Richmond and Fredericksburg, Stone’s Office Equipment is able to cover central Virginia; however, Stone’s manages accounts across the nation through the dealer and manufacturer network. The strength of Stone’s Office Equipment is its employees, many have been with the company for more than 20 years. This stands the testament of “family approach” to doing business.


Driving Change Through Human Resource Strategy

Sam Stone, President of Stone’s Office Equipment, has known Fahrenheit for many years through an affiliation with a CEO Roundtable group. Knowing the reputation of the firm, Sam approached Fahrenheit and asked for help in the Human Resource area of business to develop a review process for the employees and create a path for metrics and measuring of employee performance.

In our discussions with Sam about his vision for the human resource strategy and desire to change the culture at Stone’s Office, it became apparent that there were no overall corporate strategic goals against which to measure success at any level of the business. As it turns out, the company had never gone through a formal strategic planning process or set strategic goals to use as “line of sight” objectives for their team to follow.


Sam and his executive team worked with the Fahrenheit team to develop a Balanced Scorecard that was then taken back to the company’s management and staff for vetting, input, and education. Once the final scorecard was complete, it has been used as the foundation for all company performance discussions at all levels of the business.

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What our Clients Said

“When I initially met with Fahrenheit and asked for help, I had no idea of what to expect. What happened next changed my business life. The Fahrenheit team brought a tremendous amount of experience to the table and helped me identify strengths and areas in need of improvement. One example of changes we made are having quarterly company meetings designed to inform the team of progress and necessity toward our goals; seeing my employees ask tough questions of each other for the sake of improvement has been incredible. Working with Fahrenheit allowed me to tap into the expertise of Fortune 500 knowledge at a fraction of the price. We have more work to do but I couldn’t be any more pleased with  Fahrenheit than I am now.”

Sam Stone, President

– Stone’s Office Equipment Co., Inc,
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