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Liqui-Box is a leading innovator and provider of sustainable packaging solutions for quick, fresh and cost efficient delivery of liquid and semi-liquid products. The company manufactures bag-in-box flexible packaging and pouches to serve a wide variety of industries, including global dairy, beverage and bulk food markets.  Applications include fountain beverage syrups, bar mixes, juices, milkshake mix, coffee drinks, liquid foods, such as concentrates and sauces, as well as non-food products like oils and paints.

In July of 2014, the company relocated their global corporate headquarters office from Worthington, Ohio to Richmond, Virginia. Concurrent with the move, Liqui-Box invested in a state-of-the-art research and development lab and was on track to open new manufacturing plants in China.

Talent Acquisition Engagement

Lou Marmo, The Chief Financial Officer of Liqui-Box joined the organization in 2014 and reorganized the Finance and HR departments through a major top grading effort.  Lou partnered with Fahrenheit and outlined the needs, which were quite diverse given the corporate relocation, top grading and expansion efforts. Liqui-Box needed a new HR leader, created plant controller roles in Ashland, OH and Sacramento, CA that needed to be filled, and had several accounting and finance roles that also needed to be hired as part of the corporate HQ move to Richmond, VA.

As Liqui-Box continued to top grade their team as several legacy employees moved on, The Fahrenheit team quickly stepped in to provide a Director of Tax consultant that was eventually able to seamlessly transition into a full-time role. They further tasked Fahrenheit with a role for a new accountant with Spanish speaking skills, based in Richmond, to help with their Mexican operation.

The Fahrenheit team was able to provide Liqui-Box with candidate market information, including several candidates for each of these roles, even for a remote location like Ashland, OH.  Our ability to act quickly and screen candidates effectively allowed them to make quick decisions and fill these roles in 2-3 weeks with long-term results they have been very happy with.

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What our Clients Said

“As a CFO stepping into a turnaround situation, it was extremely helpful to have the employee search and consulting capabilities of the Fahrenheit team that capably handled all position levels across multiple geographies.”

Lou Marmo, Chief Financial Officer

– Liqui-Box
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