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Draper Aden Associates

Draper Aden Associates is a SWaM certified, small business enterprise headquartered in Virginia. The firm, which was started in Blacksburg, Virginia, back in 1972 by two Virginia Tech grads, Joe Draper and Bill Aden, focuses on facilities planning and engineering design for municipalities, state agencies, cultural institutes, and private clients. Throughout their 40 years in business, they have provided civil, environmental, geotechnical, solid waste, and structural engineering; surveying and subsurface utility engineering; site planning and engineering; and construction inspection services throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. When they first opened their doors, they had six employees, but the office quickly grew and new disciplines were added as new specialists joined the firm. Their Richmond office opened in 1985.


Finance and Talent Acquisition Search

Jeff Lighthiser, CEO & President of Draper Aden Associates, first crossed paths with The Fahrenheit Group at a Virginia Council of CEO’s luncheon shortly after Fahrenheit opened its doors. Through a conversation with a client of Fahrenheit, Jeff initially brought us in to do some coaching with the then-current CFO. That engagement went so well that when Jeff found himself in need of someone to help fill a vacant Controller role last summer, he called on the services of Fahrenheit once again. “We brought Fahrenheit in and it was a great, great fit,” said Lighthiser. “It was amazing to me how rapidly Fahrenheit was able to get up to speed…we never missed a beat,” he said. “Initially for the first month or so we were needing someone full time and then we cut it back to 2 ½ days per week,” said Lighthiser. “Fahrenheit came in and did a thorough evaluation of our finance and accounting group and helped figure out what kind of person we needed to fill the position that we had come open. Fahrenheit really bent over backwards to find the right person for the controller position,” said Lighthiser.

“In search for the right person to fill that fole, we realized that our consultant from Fahrenheit had set such a high bar that it was hard to get my arms around anyone else in that role, so we brought that person onto our team in a full-time capacity,” said Lighthiser.

All in all, they were very pleased with Fahrenheit. “It was a very positive experience, and we would definitely use them again,” said Lighthiser.

What our Clients Said

“We brought Fahrenheit in and it was a great, great fit. It was amazing to me how rapidly Fahrenheit was able to get up to speed…we never missed a beat.” — Jeff Lighthiser, CEO & President

– Draper Aden Associates
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