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Founded in 1999, Circle S Studio began as a small design firm working primarily in the Richmond market. Over the last 15 years, it has grown into a full-service boutique marketing, design, and web development firm that does work all over the country. They keep their focus on helping clients cut through the clutter in today’s chaotic digital landscape, and have even developed their own unique 4-step process: Discovery, Strategy, Execution and Evaluation.

It was through her involvement with a CEO group that Susan Quinn, President & CEO of Circle S Studio, became familiar with The Fahrenheit Group . Although familiar with The Fahrenheit Group, she hadn’t yet realized the power behind the firm.

Business Transition - Fahrenheit Advisors, Fahrenheit Finance and Talent Acquisition Services

In 2008, the challenging economy was hitting both Circle S Studio and their clients pretty hard. Many of their clients are in the financial and construction industries, both of which were largely impacted by the failing economy. The impact of the downturn had a trickle-down effect and, subsequently, impacted Circle S Studio.

Susan decided at that time to start an Advisory Board and invited Rich Reinecke to join the board. “Little did I know, that would be one of the best decisions I have ever made,” said Quinn. The purpose behind this advisory board was to bring together a group of trusted advisors to share a strategic plan for growth while coming out of the recession. “We were trying to position ourselves for growth and needed a high-level financial team, and your fractional CFO capabilities met our needs,” said Quinn.

After hearing some of the challenges, Rich suggested they engage with the talented team at Fahrenheit to help work through solutions. Fahrenheit was able to quickly work with the partners of the firm to clean up their balance sheets, as well as help them through a difficult transition time during the unexpected loss of one of their co-founders. “Fahrenheit was by our side the whole time helping us get through it. I credit them with this help, it was literally a new day, a new chapter,” said Quinn.

Because of the positive experience working with the Fahrenheit Advisors team, Circle S Studio asked for our help again when the need arose. Circle S needed to  review their accounting and finance function and make some changes. The Fahrenheit Team helped fill in the gaps in the interim and guided Susan and her team on what profile she needed in this new accounting role. Then they engaged the Fahrenheit talent acquisition team to assist in sourcing and hiring the right person for their culture.  “The Fahrenheit Group brought us the staffing component and also brought us someone who could come in day-to-day and fill in the blanks so we never missed a beat,” said Quinn.

With Fahrenheit’s help, Circle S Studio was not only able to weather a difficult climate, they were able to come out bigger and stronger than before.

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What our Clients Said

“We were trying to position ourselves for growth and needed a high-level financial team, and your fractional CFO capabilities met our needs. This past year has been one of the best years since the recession, and I consider the team at The Fahrenheit Group a key part of our success”

Susan Quinn, CEO

– Circle S
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