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Big River

Fred Moore, the founder and chief executive officer at Richmond-based Big River Advertising, got to know Reinecke through the Virginia Council of CEOs. The relationship they developed made Moore confident he could trust Fahrenheit to handle his company’s most sensitive financial information.

“We’ve gone through tremendous growth here and are reaching a new stage,” Moore said. “Eventually, we will have our own internal finance team, but it’s been great to have (Fahrenheit’s) experienced people. They are a bridge to where we want to be as we go through the growth.”

Big River has grown from nine employees to more than 30 in the past four years.

The agency has used Fahrenheit for accounting and chief financial officer services, and Moore also used Fahrenheit’s senior managers as sounding boards on management issues, such as employee pay and business structure.

“We want to make the structural decisions wisely, and by working with them, we have the luxury to decide where we need to go in a thoughtful manner,” Moore said.

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