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American Chiropractic Association

The American Chiropractic Association, based in Arlington, Virginia, is the largest professional association in the United States representing doctors of chiropractic. The ACA promotes the highest standards of ethics and patient care, contributing to the health and well-being of millions of chiropractic patients.

The American Chiropractic Association’s Board Chair Dr. Ray Tuck has worked with The Fahrenheit Group on past projects and, being pleased with how those projects turned out, felt it was a natural progression to use The Fahrenheit Group on their newest project, their search for a new Executive Vice President. “This struck us as a perfect opportunity since we were already working with Fahrenheit. We wanted it to be a nice transition into the organization, so it made sense”.


Executive Vice President Search

“We knew we wanted to get some professional help with this search. We had worked with another search firm in our last hire and that was not effective; the hire didn’t make it. That group was a little more boutique or industry niche-directed, and we decided we needed to expand beyond that and go with an outside firm,” said Tuck.

As part of the process, Dr. Tuck connect with Melina Davis-Martin, the CEO and Executive Vice President of the Medical Society of Virginia. Fahrenheit has worked with Melina both as a candidate and a client. “I had an opportunity to chat with Melina for a couple of hours, and I was very impressed,” said Tuck.

One of the Founding Principles at The Fahrenheit Group is Integrity – We Will Always Do What’s Right. This was reflected in the work we did with the ACA. “The Fahrenheit Group did a great job. What we really liked about working with them is that they were always honest with us,” said Tuck. “Something else that really struck a chord with us when we looked at Fahrenheit is that we had been told that Melina was not one of the Top 3 candidates; however, Fahrenheit felt very strongly that she was the right candidate for the position and she was ultimately placed in that position,” said Tuck. “Because of this example, we felt good they were not going to just try to placate us. They were very good about pre-empting things and found us a good match and gave us good advice along the way,” said Tuck.

The Fahrenheit Group works very diligently with each of our clients to make sure we fully understand their organization and goals. We know how important C-level hires are to our clients so we ensure that we have a thorough understanding of their culture, their needs, and their plans for growth. “Fahrenheit spent a lot of time with us, finding out what our needs were in this, trying to match that up. We were very candid with Fahrenheit and they were very candid with the candidates. This enabled us to have a better transition and onboarding of the person we chose,” said Tuck.

Because the American Chiropractic Association decided to expand their focus outside of the chiropractic realm, it opened up a whole new level of qualified candidates. This may not have been possible if they had chosen a boutique firm that focuses on the chiropractic world for this search. “The person we chose actually wasn’t in the chiropractic world. We felt strongly that we wanted to look outside our circle of influence and broaden our horizons,” said Tuck. And the match has worked out extremely well. “She’s on board now and has been everything we hoped for. We are very pleased with her professionalism and appreciate Fahrenheit’s help in this process,” said Tuck.

What our Clients Said

“The Fahrenheit Group did a great job. What we really liked about working with them is that they were always honest with us” — Dr. Ray Tuck, Board Chair

– American Chiropractic Association
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