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Each stage in the life cycle of a business offers an opportunity to create value.

Our team has been there and done that. We have built, managed, and exited successful businesses, so we know how to navigate through the growth and value creation challenges at every stage of the business. Whether advising on new market entry, developing acquisition strategies, or planning for and executing an exit, we combine rigorous analysis with real-world experience to help clients assess and execute growth and value-creation opportunities.

Specific services include: 

Business Strategy Development and Execution
Fahrenheit helps clients refine their goals and vision into specific strategies (including the associated milestones and metrics) to improve performance and then incorporate those strategies into a budget to which the company is managed. We also assist clients in setting up reporting and review processes to enable control of the business and ensure leadership accountability. Our services result in improved decision-making for our client’s executive team through analytics and a structured approach.

New Market Entry
Our team will help identify the opportunities and pitfalls of potential new markets.  We evaluate capabilities, strengths, operations, and supply chain to identify success factors necessary for the launch.  Collaboratively, we work with clients to build an action plan and a measurement of performance and risks, whether entry be organic greenfield or via acquisition.

Product and Channel Development
Through our experience working in and with growth companies, we will help clients develop a holistic approach for their product and channel strategy leveraging resources and capacity, identifying needs, and assessing potential for growth.  We set in place processes and metrics to ensure proper prioritization of investment and resources.

External Acquisition Strategy
Our team helps clients define a growth strategy and identify their aspirations, priorities, opportunities and means of growth.  Your business will benefit from a clear articulation of objectives and sources of value tied to acquisitions across vertical and horizontal expansion.  We help you fuse the resources of your business to create synergies across multiple business lines in management, distribution, and customer care making the whole of the business more valuable than the sum of the individual parts.

Exit Planning
We are here to help you maximize the value for your business. We bring together a diverse team of experts and skill sets to identify alternative value decisions and synergies with potential exit partners. We evaluate business lines, customer profitability, workforce, processes, and procedures to identify areas of improvement to make your business desirable for a buyer. We perform a thorough evaluation of business operations and profitability, including a review of your management team, contract backlog, relationships with customers and suppliers, and valuable proprietary information, process, and technology assets owned by the company.

Succession Planning
We work with you to assess your team and talent and identify a model set of skills based on your business needs. We perform a gap analysis and help you with the tools and training necessary to meet the ongoing competitive environment. We identify retention risks, roadblocks, and stretch assignments for your high potential staff and identify gaps that require external hires. Our knowledge of your company’s business and strategic plan will ensure that the goals and aspirations of your staff match the needs of the business and position you for success.

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“By hiring a fractional CFO, Rainbow Station is getting the highest caliber expert–with the firm’s multi-levels of financial advisors behind him–for a price that our mid-size company can afford. It is this type of innovation that will drive our success through the new economy.”

– Gail Johnson, CEO Rainbow Station