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Extensive Experience

Fahrenheit professionals have advised numerous companies through corporate financings and have extensive experience through all levels of the capital structure. We enjoy significant relationships with lenders and angel, venture capital, and private equity investors and can fulfill a wide range of needs.

Specific services include:

Business Plan Development
We have a solid track record of assisting owners and early stage companies in the development of growth and business-planning strategies. We work quickly and collaboratively with owners and executive teams to frame the market situation, identify target customer segments, clarify the company’s competitive advantages, and define the business model.

We develop integrated and succinct business plans that map out business opportunities, incorporating:

  • Market overview and landscape – market description, needs and sizing; customer segmentation; customer needs assessment; competitor map and evaluation; industry trends; and key factors for success
  • Business vision
  • Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Company strategy
  • Establishing key operating initiatives
  • High-level business and product/service roadmaps and milestones
  • Go-to-Market strategies, including sales and channel strategy and retention strategies
  • Company financial modeling, including business model, pricing, operating and organizational resources, and revenue and cost modeling
  • Management team development

Product and Channel Development
We have significant experience in assisting clients with channel, product, and customer strategies. Most companies are structured by product, channel, or customer type, which can result in the absence of a holistic view of the interaction of each other. We assist companies with the integration of each of these facets to drive maximum revenue momentum and growth.

Board and Investor Management
We assist owners and CEOs to navigate critical governance issues and relationship management with their Boards of Directors and outside investors. Our extensive experience with privately held companies, private equity and other institutionally owned businesses, and public companies positions us well to address the needs of a wide range of clients, from early-stage to mature larger companies.

Clients We’ve Helped

What our Clients Say

“Jeff [Wraley], with his finance background, fit the bill very well, I think, because he was able to very quickly adapt to what’s a relatively simple company, but, like many small, understaffed, fast growing companies, we were constantly catching-up. The Fahrenheit helped with the resources I needed to value the business.”

–David Aschheim, CEO and local franchise owner

– Sola Salons Studios